(Frequently Asked Questions)


1) Q. What is the voltage and amperage draw?

    A. The system operates on 12 vdc. The strobe system will need 5 amp protection and the nav system needs 5 amp protection. We recommend 20-18 gauge power wire to each wing tip and rudder location for each system which will be a total of 6 wires.


2) Q. What is the flash rate and output of the strobes?  Are they synchronized?

    A. The FAA requires anti-collision lights to produce a minimum of 40 pulses per minute and 400 candle power. Ours is 80-85 ppm with over 100,000 cp. Each strobe has its own power supply which makes them unsynchronized.


3) Q. What is the output of the Nav lights?

    A. The basic FAA requirement for the wing tips is 40cp straight ahead, decreasing to 5cp at 110deg to the side. ours is over 50cp ahead with 15cp to the side. The tail light is 20cp straight back to 70deg each side, ours is over 40cp straight back with 30cp to the sides.


4) Q. What wing tips will your system work on?

    A. We currently are working only on the Van's sheared wing tips. See our pictures.


5) Q. What does your system weigh?

    A. The shipping weight for the complete system, including instructions and packing material, is a little over 1 lb.


6) Q. Are you selling just the wingtip nav LED's or the Tail LED-Strobe light by itself?

    A. We are offering the wing tip LED Nav's with the Tail LED-Strobe light with out the wing tip strobes and we are offering the Tail LED Nav-Strobe light by itself.


7) Q. Will you be at any of the Major Fly-ins?

    A. Weather permitting, we plan on attending, but not having a booth at Sun 'n Fun, Oshkosh, Mid-Eastern, Virginia, and 40-50 fly-ins in the Michigan area.